第一章 日常生活中使用的短句 - 1.在家中



Good morning, mom. 早晨好。
Did the alarm clock go off?
Did the alarm clock buzz?
Did the alarm clock ring? 闹钟响了吗?
It's time to get up! 该起床了!
I don't want to get up. 我真不想起。
want to=want to; going to=be going to美语口语常用说法
It's time to get ready.
Get up soon. 快点儿起床!
I don't want to. 我真不想起。
Are you awake? 你醒了吗?
I am now. 我刚醒。
Are you feeling sick? 你不舒服吗? --No, I'm just tired. 没有,只是有点儿累。
Did you sleep well? 睡得好吗?
Yes, I slept very well. 嗯,睡得挺好。
No, I couldn't fall asleep. 哪儿几乎没睡着。
Would you turn off the alarm clock?
Please turn off the alarm clock. 能帮我关掉闹钟吗?
You finally got up. 你终于起来了。
It's a nice day! 今天是个好天!
It sure is. 是不错啊。
It's a beautiful day!
It's a wonderful day!
It's a great day!
Did you stay up late last night? 昨晚你熬夜了?
Did you go to bed late last night?
Let's fold up the futon. 把被子叠好。
Let's put the futon away. 把被子收起。
You were snoring last night. 打呼噜。
Did I keep you up? 影响你睡觉了吗?
I had a nightmare. 我做了个可怕的梦。
It's all right now. 现在没事了/挺好的。
You left the light on. 你一直没关灯啊。
You forgot to turn off the light. 你忘关灯了。
I have to go wash my face. 我得. . . .
It's time to eat breakfast.
It's time to have breakfast.
I'm still sleepy.
I'm still drowsy.
I'm still yawning. 我还打哈欠呢。
I have a hangover. 昨天的酒还没醒呢。
I'm a night person. 我是个夜猫子。--I'm not.
I'm a morning person. 我喜欢早起。
Coffee wakes me up. 我是用咖啡来提神的
Coffee gets me going.
Did you brush your teeth? 刷牙了吗?
Have you brushed your teeth?
I have to comb my hair. 我要梳头了。
What should I wear? 我该穿什么好呢?
The red one. 穿红的吧!
Which dress should I wear?
Which one should I wear?
What should I put on?
Hurry up and get dressed. 快换衣服。
Put those pajamas away! 把睡衣收好。
Oh, I'm washing those. 啊,我正要洗呢。
I'm leaving. Bye mom! 我走了,妈妈。
Study hard. 好好学习啊!
I'll see you when I get back.
I'm taking off now.
See you. /See you later.
Let's play hooky today! 今天我们逃学吧。
Yeah, let's. 好哇,走吧!
You're wearing your sweater inside out. 你毛衣穿反了。
You have your sweater on inside out.
It's upside down. 上下颠倒了。
Don't forget to take out the garbage. 别忘了扔垃圾啊。
I won't. 忘不了!
It's your turn to take out the garbage. 今天该你扔垃圾了。
What are you doing today? 今天你干什么?
We're having a track and field meet. 今天我们开运动会。田径运动会。
If you don't hurry, we'll be late. 你快点,我们该迟到了。
Hurry up or we'll be late.
Hurry or you'll be late for school. 快点,我们上学该迟到了。
What time is it? 现在几点?
Did you lock the door? 你锁门了吗?
Have you locked the door?
Aren't you forgetting something? 你没. . . 吧(你没忘什么东西吧!)
I don't think so. 我想没有。
It's already 8:00.
It's 8:00 already.
I'm late! 我晚了!
Hurry up! 快点儿吧!
I have to rush! 我得赶紧走!
I have to hurry up!
I have to get going!
I have to get moving.
Are you gonna be late today? 你今天会回来得晚吗?
No, I'll be home at the usual time. 平时
What time are you coming home? 几点回来。
Around seven o'clock. 大概7点左右。
Have you got your lunch box? 饭盒带了吗?
Yes, right here. 嗯,在呢。
It might rain today. 今天好像要下雨。
Take your umbrella with you. 带上伞吧。
Don't forget to lock the door when you leave. 出门的时候别忘了锁门。


I'm home! / I'm back! 我回来了。
Welcome home! / Welcome back!你回来啦!
Did you have a good time? 今天过得愉快吗?
How did it go today? 今天怎么样?
How was your day?
Can I go out to play? 我可以出去玩会儿吗?
After you finish your homework. 写完作业再去吧。
I'm hungry. 我饿了。
We have some snacks. 吃点点心吧。
Where are the snacks? 点心在哪?
They're in the cupboard. 在碗橱里。
I'm going to cram school now. 我去补习学校了啊(cram意为;填鸭式补习)
Call when you finish. 下课后来个电话。
May I have my allowance? 零花钱(能给我点零花钱吗? )
What do you want to buy?
I'm tired. 真累呀!
I'm exhausted. 我精疲力尽了。
What would you like for dinner? 晚饭你想吃什么?
What do you want for dinner?
What do you want to eat for dinner?
How about steak? 吃牛排怎么样?
Would you help me set the table? 准备餐具(你能帮我准备餐具吗? )
I'd be happy to. 乐意之至。
Help me set up the table, will you?
What should I make for dinner? 饭做什么好呢?
What should I whip up for dinner?
What should I cook for dinner?
What should I fix for dinner?
It's good to be home. 还是家好哇。
There's no place like home.
It feels so good to be home.
Would you run to the store? 快点儿去(你能不能赶紧去趟商店。)
In just a minute. 稍等一下。
It's been a long day. 今天真累呀!
The bath is ready. 洗澡水烧好了。
I'm taking a shower. 我要冲个澡。(现在进行时表将要、想要)
I'm going to take a shower.
Is dinner ready? 晚饭好了吗? --Not yet.
Is it time for dinner yet? 该吃晚饭了吧?
Have you made dinner? 晚饭做好了吗?
Mom, what's for dinner tonight? 妈妈,今天晚饭吃什么?
Mom, what did you make for dinner?
Mom, what did you fix for dinner?
What's for dinner? 晚饭吃什么?
Salisbury steak. 吃汉堡肉饼。
Great! 太棒了。
Today, we're having curry. 今天吃咖哩饭。
We're having curry today.
How soon can you get it ready? 还要多久才能做好呀?
In about five more minutes. 再有5分钟吧。
When will it be ready?
How soon will it be done?
Let's eat. 我吃了啊。
Shall we begin? 可以吃了吗?
Please go ahead. 请先吃吧。
Please help yourself. 请便。
This knife cuts well, doesn't it? 这把刀真快啊!
It sure does. 真挺好使的。
The water is boiling! 水开啦!
Come and get it! 开饭啦。
It's time for dinner! 该吃晚饭啦!
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is ready!
It's time to eat. 该吃饭啦!
Finally. 终于吃上饭喽!
I'm coming. 这就来啦。
I'll be right there. 我马上就去。
I'm on my way.
Did you wash your hands well? 手洗干净了吗?
Don't spill it! 别弄洒了(spill,p发b音)
Don't tip it over. 倾斜、倒出、打翻
Eat all of your vegetables. 把碗里的菜吃光。
Finish your vegetables.
Finish up your vegetables.
Finish up your plate. 把碗里的饭吃光。
I'm trying to. 这不吃着呢嘛。
I don't like asparagus. 不喜欢吃芦笋。
Don't be picky. 不许挑食。
It was very delicious. Thank you. 谢谢款待。
It was a wonderful dinner.
Would you clear the table? 能帮我收拾盘子吗?
Would you put the dishes away?
Do the dishes! 把盘子洗了!--I will.
It's not my turn. 今天不该我洗。
Wash the dishes!
I'll dry the dishes. 我擦盘子。
What are you doing? --I'm watching TV.
Are there any good programs on TV? 有什么好看的电视节目吗?
No, not today.
Nomo is on TV. 野茂上电视了。
What's on Channel 8? 八频道演什么?
Would you change the channel? 能不能帮我换个台?
Would you switch the channel?
Would you change the station?
I want to watch more TV. 我还想看电视。
You've watched enough for tonight.
Let's spread out the futon. 铺床吧。
Let's get the futon out. 把被子拿出来吧。
I'm sleepy. 我困了。
Why don't you take a nap? 你干嘛不睡午觉。
I'm drowsy. *drowsy困得睁不开眼。
Did you do your homework? 作业做了吗?
Did you finish your homework?
Study hard. 好好学习 -- I am. 好好学着呢。
Hurry up and go to sleep. 快点睡觉。
Enough with your video games. 游戏玩够了吧。-- I can't quit now. 正好玩着呢。
Make sure you brush your teeth. 一定要刷牙哦! --I will.
Are u ready for tomorrow? 明天的东西准备好了吗? --No, not yet.
I'm going to take a bath. 我去洗个澡。
Make sure you wash up well. 好好洗洗啊。
Time to go to sleep. 该睡觉了。
Just a minute. 再等一下。
You left the TV on. 电视还开着呢。
Sorry about that. 对不起,我忘了关。
You forgot to turn the TV off.
Don't leave your stuff here. 别把你的东西都摊在这儿。 -- I won't. 知道了。
I set the alarm clock for 8:00. 我把闹钟订到八点了。
I set it for 8:00.
Wake me up at seven tomorrow. 明天七点叫醒我。
Sure thing. 知道了。
Good night. 晚安。
Sweet dreams. 做个好梦。
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Have pleasant dreams. 晚安。


I want to take a nap. 我真想睡个午觉。
But you just woke up. 你不是刚起来吗?
I want to take a catnap. (catnap 打盹)
I'd like to lie down for a while. 我想躺会儿。
*wanna = want to = would like to
I'm going to lie down.
I'm going to take a rest. 我休息一会儿。
You're pretending to be asleep. 你在装睡啊。
You're just pretending that you're asleep.
You're not really asleep. 你其实没睡吧!
I know you're still awake.
Were you sleeping? 你睡着了吗?
Were you asleep?
No, I was awake. 没有,还没睡呢。
Will you change the baby's diaper? 你能给孩子换个尿布吗?
Again? 又要换呀?
I just changed it ten minutes ago.
Do you need to pee? 想尿尿吗? (对小孩)
It's time to go wee-wee. 该尿尿了(对小孩)
It's time to go pee-pee.
Do it again. 再来一次。
Let's play catch. 我们来投球吧。
Great! 好呀!
Let's play ball.
The water is leaking. 漏水了。
The pipe is leaking. 水管漏了。
It's so dusty. 全是灰啊!
I didn't notice. 我倒没注意。
It needs to be dusted. 得扫扫了。
It's stuffy in this room. 通风不好、憋闷 (这间屋子通风真差。)
The air is thick. 这里真闷。
I can't breathe in this room.
The air is dense. 空气混浊。
It's drafty in this room. 通风的 这个房间很通风。
Will you feed the dog? 你能去喂喂狗吗
Please give the dog some food.
Will you take the dog for a walk? 你去溜溜狗吧。
Take care of my brother and sister. 帮我照看我的弟弟妹妹啊。
You bet (I will). 放心吧。
You bet I won't. 我一定不会的。
You bet it is. / You bet there is. 一定是的。
Please water the plants. 请给植物浇点水。
Can I help? --Yes, pls water the plants.
What a mess! 怎么这么乱呀。
Look at the mess!
What a pigsty!(含有脏得像个猪窝的语气。)
Help me. 帮帮我吧。
What do you want me to do?
Clean up your room. 把你的屋子收拾收拾。
Straighten up your room.
Tidy up the room.
But I'm watching TV now.
Help me clean up the house. 帮我打扫打扫卫生。
We're out of dish detergent. 洗涤灵用完啦。
We've used up dish detergent.
I'll go get more. 那我去买一瓶。
Would you put up the clothes to dry? 你能把衣服晾上嘛?
Will you help me fold up the clothes? 你能把我的衣服叠起来吗?
Please sweep the floor. 扫、打扫 (把地扫扫。)
Please scrub the sink. 把厨房的池子洗干净 (使劲搓洗用scrub)
I have to vacuum my room. 我得用吸尘器打扫我房间了。
Please dust the shelves. 掸掸柜子上的土。
Please wipe the shelves. 请擦一擦柜子。
Please mop the floor. 请拖拖地。
Will you iron the shirt? 熨衬衣 (你能把衬衫熨熨吗? )
I have to iron my skirt. 熨裙子 (我的裙子得熨了)
Let's go grocery shopping. 我们去超市买东西吧 (grocery shop杂货店)
We need more milk. 还得再买点牛奶。
The park was crowded. 公园里人挤人。
The park was filled with people.
Can you baby-sit tonight? 今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗? --Sure I can.


This is for you. 这是送给你的。
That's very nice of you. 太谢谢你啦。
Here's something for you.
I got this for you.
This is your share. 这是你的那份。
This is your portion. /This is your part.
This portion is for you.
What do you want for your birthday? 过生日想要什么礼物?
I want gloves. 手套。
Here you are! 请收下。
Here you have it!请收下。


I usually work out after work. 我经常下班以后运动。
I usually go to the gym after work.
I usually exercise after work.
I've started jogging. 我开始慢跑锻炼。
Since when? 什么时候开始的?
I quit smoking. 戒烟 *quit辞职,改变习惯 (我戒烟了。)
No, thanks. I quit smoking.
Good for you. 你真伟大。
I stopped smoking.
I don't smoke anymore. 不再 (anymore还)
I've become a non-smoker.
I no longer smoke.
Do you dream often? 你常做梦吗?
Do you often have dreams?
Do you dream a lot?
I've been forgetful lately. 健忘、丢三落四 (近我总是丢三落四的)
I've been forgetful these days.


Here's the phone bill.
When is this due? 什么时候到期?
When is the rent due? 房租截止到几号?
When is the paper due?
When is the last day I can pay for this?
How long is the pay period?
When do I have to pay this by?
When does this have to be finished by?
It's due on the thirtieth. 截止到30号。
Could you give me change? 能帮我换一下零钱吗?
Can you change this?
Could I have change?
Do you have change for 100 yen? 能帮我换开一百日元吗?
Can you break a one-hundred-yen bill?
Can you break a hundred?
I'd like to change a hundred-yen note.
Here's one hundred yen. Could I have change? 这是100日元,能帮我破开吗?
I need to deposit five thousand yen in my savings account. 我要存5000日元。
I need to put ¥5,000 into the bank.
I need to withdraw ¥5,000 from my savings account. 我要取5000日元。
I need to take out ¥500 from the bank.
I paid out of my own pocket. 自己掏腰包
I'm out of cash. 我没带现金。
I don't have much money on me now. 我现在没有多少现金。
May I borrow some money?
I didn't bring very much money with me.
I'm a little short of money now.
I'm broke. 身无分文。
May I borrow ten dollars?
Sorry, I'm broke.
I have no money. /I'm out of money.
I'm flat broke. (强调的说法)
I have a lot of money on me now. 现在我有很多现金。
I brought a lot of money with me.
I'm rich now. 我现在很有钱。
I have lots of cash on me.
I can't afford to be lazy. 我可没时间闲着。
I can't afford to be idle.
I don't have time to be lazy.
What a waste! 多浪费啊!
How wasteful!
He didn't pay the debt and
disappeared. 他因为还不上债而躲了起来。