第一章 日常生活中使用的短句 - 5.在工作单位



I made it! 赶上了!

Not quite. 那可未必。

I'm on time! /I arrived on time!

Be punctual! 要严格遵守时间。

You are late again. 你又迟到了。

I was only late by five minutes. 我只迟到了五分钟。

I was only five minutes late

Did u punch in/out? 打卡了吗?

Can we meet on Tuesday?

Let me check my schedule. 让我看看我的日程安排。

Let me look over my schedule

Let me confirm my schedule

I've got so much to do. 我有好多事要干。

Don't worry. You can do it

I have so much to do. 我有好多事要干。

I have many things to do

I'm extremely busy

I'm pressed for time. 我的时间安排很紧。

I'm an ordinary office worker. 我是个普通的公司职员。

I do office work

I'm a regular office worker

The work doesn't need much effort. 这工作不太费事。

Lucky you! 你太幸运了

It's an easy job

Don't neglect your duties! 干活别偷懒。

Okay. I won't

I'm in charge of the west side. 西区由我负责。

I'm responsible for the west side

I'm done with the work. 我已经结束哪项工作了. --Already?

I'm finished with the work

I'm all done with the work

I can still work for a long time. 我还能工作好长时间呢。

I'll be able to work for many more years

I still have many years of work

Our boss has been fired. 我们的上司被解雇了。

You're kidding! 你不是在开玩笑吧!

Our boss has been dismissed

Our boss has been let go

Please staple these together. 请把这个订在一起 *stapler 是;订书器”。

Would you copy these papers? 能帮我复印这份材料吗?

This copy machine doesn't work. 复印机有毛病了。

This copy machine isn't working

This copier is broken

I think it ran out of paper. *run out用完 我想复印机是没纸了。

I think it's out of paper

When is this due? 付款截止到什么时候?

When do I have to pay this by?

When is the last day I can pay for this?

How long is the pay period?

When is the pay period over?

When does this have to be finished by?

It's due on the thirtieth. 付款日期截止到三十号。

Let's take a break, shall we? --Yes, let's. 让我们休息一会儿吧。

Shall we take a break?

Get me a cup of coffee, will you? 能帮我倒杯咖啡吗?

Would u bring me a cup of coffee?

Would you like some coffee? 你想来点咖啡吗?

Would you care for some coffee?

Do you want some coffee?

How about some coffee?

That would be great. 那真是太好了。

That would be perfect

That would hit the spot

It's almost lunchtime. 快到午饭时间了。

It's almost time for lunch

We took an hour lunch break. 我们有1小时的午休时间。

Where were you? 你去哪儿了?

Let's get started. 我们开始吧。

Let's begin! /Here we go

Let's get down to business. 我们开始吧? (谈生意进入正题时使用。)

Let's get down to work

Let's take a vacation soon

I can't leave this job at the moment. 现在我不能放下这份工作。

I'm tied up at the moment

I'm too busy to bother with such details. 我太忙了,顾不上那些琐碎的事。

I'm so busy, I'd really appreciate any help I could get. 我忙的四脚朝天。

Don't slack off! 别偷懒!

Do your best! 尽你的全力

Don't work too hard. 悠着点。

Pull yourself together. 打起精神来。

But I just made a big mistake

Get a hold of yourself

I need more help with the project

You can count on me. 你可以找我呀! (count on. . . ;指望、依赖。)

How's work?

I don't even have time to catch my breath. 我连喘口气的机会都没有。

I don't have time to breathe

What's keeping you? Hurry up. 你怎么耽搁了,快点儿!

I'll be over soon. 马上就来。

Changing jobs is the only way out. 出路(换个工作是唯一的解决办法)

You'd better work harder. 你应该更加努力的工作。

You should work harder

I'm a workaholic. 我是个工作狂 (它是work和酒精中毒alcoholic的混合语,还可把购物狂说成;shopaholic)

I don't know how to fill out this form 我不知道这张表怎么填。

How do I fill out this form? 这张表怎么填。

Can you help me with this form? 你能帮我填一下这张表吗?

It looks like it's going to be a long meeting, doesn't it? 看来会议要开好长时间了,是吧?

This is gonna be a long one. gonna=going to

The meeting went well. 会议开得很成功。

That went well. 进行得很顺利。

Why didn't you help more?

I did all I could do. /That's all I can do. 我已经尽了最大的努力了。

There is nothing more I can do

Are you impressed? 你觉得印象深刻吗? --Very

Isn't it impressive?

Pls underline the important items. 作动词(请在重要事项下面划线)

Check. 好,没问题

Would you get to the point? 说重点 (你能把要点说的再清楚点吗? )

All right, all right

What's the point?

Stop beating around the bush

What are you trying to say?

Please do it all over again. 全部重做。

From the beginning?

Please start over from the beginning

Fax this paper to Mr. Tanaka. 把这个给田中先生传真过去。

Pls hand in the document to me. 提交,交出(请把那份文件交给我。)

Please hand the document in to me

What document are you talking about?

Please submit the document to me

This is a piece of work I can be proud of. 这是我的得意之作。

I'm really proud of this

I can't find my white-out. ;涂改液” (我找不到我得涂改液了)

Are you working overtime tonight? 今晚你加班吗?

Unfortunately, yes

Are you working late tonight?

Business is business. 工作就是工作。

He's a hard worker. 他是个努里工作的人。

You're overworking. 你超负荷工作了

Finish this report today! 今天必须完成这份报告。

When is the paper due? 截止 (报告截止到几号? )

I've got so much to do. 我有很多是要做

There's a lot of work piled up on my desk. 瞧我桌上堆了一堆的事。

I feel sorry for you. 我真同情你。

We'll fake it. 差不多就得了 *fake敷衍 (差不多就得了。)

We'll make it up as we go along

All done!全部做完了。 /I've finished it all

It's been a long day. 今天忙了一天。

It's time to go home

We've worked hard today

It was a very busy day

Today was a rough day at work

I can't make an exception for you. 我不能为你破例。

It's dark outside already. 外边天都黑了。

It has become dark outside already

It's already dark out

I'm so tired

Let's finish up. 就干到这儿吧。

Good idea. Let's go home

Let's call it a day! 今天就到这里吧。

I've just finished work. 我正好工作刚做完。

I just got off work

I've just finished working

Today's payday. 今天发工资。

Oh, yeah? I forgot all about it

Let's have a drink. /Let's go for drink. 我们一起去喝一杯吧!

Let's go out for a drink!

Thanks for your hard work. 你辛苦了。

I hope you don't mind my leaving now. 我先走了。

Could you excuse me, please? 不介意吧。

Will you excuse me, please?

Sorry for interrupting. 对不起. 打断一下。

I'm sorry to interrupt

I'm sorry to interrupt you

Excuse me for interrupting

Forgive me for interrupting

May I interrupt you? /Excuse me. 打扰一下可以吗?

Mr. Smith is on line one. 史密斯先生在一号线听电话。

Hello. May I help you?

Yes, I have an appointment with Mr. Aoki. 是的,我已经和青木先生约好了。

What floor is ABC on? --The tenth floor. ABC公司在几楼?

Where are the elevators? 电梯在哪?

Around the corner over there


What's John like? 约翰是个什么样的人?

I get along well with him. 我和他很合得来。

I don't get along well with her. 我跟他合不来。

I respect him. /I highly respect him. 我很尊敬他。

I look up to him

I despise him. 我瞧不起他。

I look down on him

I want to get along with everyone. 我想和大家和睦相处。

I hope I will get along with everyone

Are you getting along with her? 你跟他/她合得来吗?

She ignored me. 她不搭理我。

She gave me the cold shoulder

She didn't pay any attention to me at all

I don't know what he's really thinking. 我不知道他在想什么。

I'm not sure what he is thinking about

I don't really know what is on his mind

I have no reason to be envied. 我没有理由让人嫉妒。

There is no reason to be jealous of me

There is no reason to envy me

They're helping our boss again

I don't like brownnosers. 我讨要爱拍马屁的人。

I don't like flatterers. 说恭维话的人。

I'm neglecting my family. 我是个不顾家的人 *这是种相当严厉的说法。

I put my work before my family

I should treat my family better

Which side are you? 你站在哪一方?

Which side are you on?

Who are you rooting for?

Which side do you support?

I'm on your side. 我是站在你这边的。

I will support you. 我支持你。

I agree with you

He's very hard on me. 蛮横,野蛮,不客气。

He treats me unkindly

He's mean to me. 他对我很刻薄。

He's very strict. 他很严厉。

He always treats me like an enemy. 他总是把我当做眼中钉。

He acts like I'm an enemy

He treats me as if I'm his enemy

He was rude to say that

He treated me badly. 他对我很蛮横。

I was badly treated by him

I received bad treatment from him

He treated me unkindly

I'm obligated to him. 我欠他的情。

I'm under obligation to him. 我欠他的钱。

I owe him

I have an obligation to him

I'm deeply indebted to him. 我非常感激他。

I've received kindness from him

I owe him a lot for everything he has done for me

We're on a first name basis. 我们很熟,互相直呼其名。 /We're on first name terms


He's quick on the uptake. 他的理解力很强。

He's a fast learner

He has a quick mind

He catches on quickly

He'll never let you down. 失望 (他不会让你失望的。)

He finished the job already

He's efficient. 他真能干。

He does things well and he gets them done quickly

He gets things done efficiently

He handles things quickly

He handles matters promptly

He's a good guy. 他是个好人。

He's a good man

He's a good person

He looks old for his age. *adj for,比… 他显得很老。

He's only 46

He looks older than he is

He looks young for his age. 你看上去比我年轻。

You look younger than me

We're the same age

You look younger than I do

That's the way he is. 他就是那种人。

That's the kind of guy he is

Who is he like? 他长得像谁?

What's Joe like? 乔这个人怎么样?

He has a lot of common sense. 常识 (他有丰富的常识)

He's wise for his age. 他虽年轻,却很博学。

He's only ten and he made this

He's wise considering his age

He's wise for a man of his age

He knows a lot of people. 他交际很广。

He's well-known

He's very popular

He has a large circle of acquaintances

He runs a lot of business. 他有很多生意。

Yeah, he's a go-getter. 有才干的人。

He's a man of action

He's a man of ability

You're so sympathetic. 同情、体谅人的 (你真体谅人)

He's faithful. 忠诚的,守信用的 他是守信用的人。

He has a strong sense of duty. 她的嗓音低沉。

He has a deep voice

He has a low voice

His voice is very deep

He has put on weight. 他发福了。

He has gained weight

He has lost weight

He's overweight. 他太胖了。

He's a fatso. 他是个胖猪。

He's fat

He's skinny. 他骨瘦如柴。

Sir, I don't think you should fire John

You have a lot of nerve. 你真有胆量。

You're bold. 大胆的/不客气的。

You're very brave. 勇敢

He didn't say anything

He's a very modest man. 谦虚、慎重 (他是个很谦虚的人)

He's very polite

He doesn't like to brag. 他不喜欢吹牛。

He isn't boastful. 自负

He has a good/bad temper. 他有个好/坏脾气

He's in a good/bad mood. (表示现在正好情绪不错/不好,和上句语气不一样)

There's something strange about her. 他不知哪儿有点怪。

There is something fishy about her

There is something odd about her

She's been edgy lately. 情绪急躁。

Yeah, she's not herself. 嗯,她有点不对劲。

She's not acting like herself

She's not acting normally

She cut her hair very short

She's so weird. 她真让人捉摸不透。

She's bizarre

She's very strange

Tammy eats like a bird. 塔米饭量很小。

She's on a diet. 她正减肥呢。

Tammy eats very little

Tammy doesn't eat very much

Tammy eats like a horse. 塔米特别能吃。

She has a nice figure. 她身材很好。

She has a good figure

His best days are gone. 他已过壮年。

He's past his prime

My father's getting on in years. 上年纪 我的父亲上年纪了。

My father's becoming an old man

My father's getting older

What does he look like? 他长得什么样?

They're making a big fuss. 大声吵闹、喧哗(他们闹得天翻地覆)

They're making a big deal about it

Does he smoke?

Yes, he's a chain smoker. 他抽烟抽个没完

He's a heavy smoker

He smokes non-stop


I don't like John. Because

he's selfish. 他很自私。

He's self-centered

He's self-serving

He only cares about himself

He doesn't care about anyone but himself

He takes things too seriously. 他总把问题想得严重。

He's simpleminded. 单纯的、头脑简单的 (他头脑简单)

He's a simple man. 单纯的、实际的。

He isn't so smart

He's on edge today. 今天他情绪烦躁

He's in a bad mood today

He's talkative. 喜欢说话、多嘴多舌 (他真是个多嘴多舌的人)

Yeah, u can say that again. 你也这么说呀。

He's a motor-mouth

He never shuts up

He's quite well off. 有钱、富裕 (他非常有钱)

He's a wealthy man

He's rich

He's rolling in it

He always tries to touch me

Yeah, he's fresh. 是啊,他很好色。

He's a dirty-minded man

He's a dirty old man. 他是个讨厌的老头。

All he thinks about is sex

He's a smooth talker. 他的嘴甜着呢。

He's honey-tongued

Watch out for him

He's nobody's fool. 难打交道、不容轻视 (他是个不可小看的人)

He's very shrewd

He often says absurd things. 荒谬,没道理的(他竟说些傻话. )

He often says ridiculous things

He says strange things a lot

He says a lot of weird things

He has no sense of responsibility. 他一点责任心都没有。

He's so irresponsible

He's very offensive. 讨厌的 (他真是个让人讨厌的人)

He's a difficult man to deal with. 他这个人很难对付。

He's hard to put up with. 忍受。

He's a stubborn old man. 顽固的、倔强的。

He's a hardheaded old man. 他是个倔强的老头。

He's aiming too high. 他总是好高骛远

He's overreaching himself

He's out of his league

That man never admits defeat. 他从不认输。

He never admits he is wrong

He is a sore loser

He hates being defeated

He can't handle defeat. 他是个输不起的人。

He's very vague. 他是个难以捉摸的人。

He's just like my brother

He is difficult to understand

He isn't very clear

He's crooked. 性格孤僻、乖张

He's a crook

He's not nice to you? 他是不是对你不好?

No, he's good for nothing

He isn't good for anything. 他一无是处

She's shy around strangers. 她认生

She's bashful

She feel uncomfortable around strangers

She's afraid of strangers

You're too timid. 你是个胆小鬼

You're gutless

You're a wimp

You're a chicken

He's acting big. 他在逞强

He's acting like a hot shot. 他动不动就生气。

He has a short temper. 易怒

He gets angry easily

He loses his temper quickly

He is very temperamental. 他喜怒无常。

He eats like a horse. 他很能吃

Your perfume is strong. 香水味 (你的香水味真够呛人的)

I can smell your perfume a mile away

Your perfume is romantic. 芳香扑鼻。


I'm young in spirit. 我的心还很年轻。

I have a youthful spirit

I'm young at heart

Can't you fix it? 修理

I'm all thumbs. 笨手笨脚的 *thumb大拇指(我笨手笨脚的)

I'm very clumsy

I have butterfingers

I like being alone. 我喜欢独处。

I enjoy having time to myself

I'm a loner

I'm temperamental. 我爱发脾气。

I'm not. I'm easygoing. 我可不是,我挺随和。

I'm an optimist. 我是个乐天派。

I'm carefree

I like to take it easy

Your face is red!

I get embarrassed easily. 我遇事就慌。

I'm practical about everything. 现实的 (我做事都很现实. )

I like to be practical about things

I'm a very practical person

I have a one-track mind. 我是一根筋。

I'm obsessed with one idea

I can't take my mind off of. . . 无法不去想。

I'm a good judge of character. 我看人很准。

I have a good eye for character

I'm a poor judge of character

You like sweets, don't you?

Yeah, I have a sweet tooth. 是. 我爱吃甜食。

I love sweets

I prefer wine to sweets. 我是个酒鬼。

I prefer savory to sweet. 我更爱吃辣的。

I have led a dog's life. 我过着悲惨的生活。

I have had a miserable life

I've had a terrible life

I have good/poor eyesight. 视力好/差 (我的视力不好。)